Here is an interesting graduation photo. Who do you recognize????? — 10 Comments

    • I recognize Helen (Koch) Popke. First row first girl and I think Mike Fedorchak back row second guy. Possibly Julia Gulich Vanderpool next to Mike

  1. Hi,

    My Mom was from Lopez, and I was wondering if you knew what year that photo was taken. The woman seated in the first row, second position, looks an awful lot like my mother. Her name was Marian F. Wood. I guess it could also have been my Aunt, Wilda Wood Paul. Any info at all, would be appreciated. Thanks, Cathy

  2. Hello, Family on my grandmothers side used to own the Hotel Chesonis and I remember staying there a lot as a child. Do you have an old picture of the hotel? Is it still there? Elaine Petcavage Terrill

  3. Still looking for ID’s on this photo. the only ones I know who they are: first row first girl is Helen (Koch) Popke, fourth girl is Bettie (Peworchik) Popso, sixth girl is Delores (Pawlyak?) Mattichak. Other suggestions are listed, but these 3 are known.

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