On another note, If you have a Lopez Centennial Plate, a Lopez 100 Years of Pride history book, or a Lopez Fire book and no longer want it, let me know as I will try to maintain a list of people that don’t want or are looking for said items.  That also goes for the Lopez Commemorative Mugs.  I did see a “100 Years of Pride” on Amazon the other day.


Making a clothes pin as done in the Lopez Clothes Pin Factory

You started with a tree cut into boards and then little wood blocks.  This block would then be turned into a profile of a clothes pin and then someone else would put the slot in it and another person/s would pack them up.   In 1900 we know that a 20 year old Mary Hunsinger was a “Turner” in the factory, Grace Carrington at age 36, Maude Werkeiser (17 years old), Pauline Gross (age 16), and Alta Fenner (age 16) were all “Slitters”.  Then there was an Emma J. Steele all of 15 years old that did “packing”

kindling wood

Bundle of kindling made at one of the several Lopez Kindling Wood Factories

Resting on an early wood stove, is a bundle of “Kindling Wood”.  Slab wood and other scraps of wood were cut down to about two and a half inches long and placed in a machine that would tighten them in an egg shape about 8 x 10 inches and they were then tied with twine and tagged.  Over 16,000 bundles per day were made and shipped to New York and Philadelphia where they were sold for $.05 each.  The tags were used to light the bundle.


Valentine’s Day 2007 arrived with about 16 inches of snow.  This photo was taken the next afternoon and the snow compacted down to 14 inches here.  I knew we were going to get it, just didn’t know when.


Daffodils around the Centennial Park Rock


Mom took Moe, Larry, and Curley on a training tour in Lopez.  Topics covered were tipping garbage cans, locating bird feeders, climbing trees, and looking cute.



The funniest bird I ever did see,

Had two big eyes looking back at me.

He couldn’t fly cause he had no wings,

But sure enough, he had other things.

A big bushy tail, two feet and two paws,

He wore a mask, for…. just because.

A fist full at a time he devoured the food,

This guy is clever, no regular dude.

After filling his tummy and waddling away,

I got the feeling he will be back someday.

                                                             r. s. mcguire




Rarely seen is Lopez is this Scarlet Tanager.


When this neighbor’s dog is told to fetch a stick, he fetches quit a stick.

100_1137N copy100_1139N copy

While fishing at Nessy Lake, Joey caught a catfish and while reeling it in, a big snake caught the fish also. Photos by mom, Lynne Malkemes.


Snowflake and her two sisters


John Gavlick of Lopez, born 1875 died 1958, was known as a good carpenter and carver.  His famous carvings were of the Christ on the Cross.  Two versions that I am familiar with, one that hung on the wall and one that had a three step base for on a table.  The first is pictured below.  Then there are more photos of work that Mr. Gavlick did, including an alter.